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Pros and Cons of Doing Business with Do-It-Yourself Website Platforms

Published on Saturday 5 February 2022

If you're an entrepreneur or self-employed, you'll be faced with Website design decisions at some point. Today, people function a lot via the Web to find the products or services they need, so it has become a real must. The Covid-19 pandemic has made this imperative even more obvious. It can then be tempting, to save a few dollars, to use a site management platform to build yourself such as Wix, Godaddy or Vista Print. Each of these platforms has advantages and disadvantages but building and managing a website yourself is not always the best choice. The following article will give you some ideas so that you can make informed decisions and avoid ending up with a website that does not meet your needs.


The Appeal of Simplicity


Certainly, management platforms like those listed earlier emphasize their ease of use. This allows you to be present on the web without having any prior technical knowledge since the tool takes care of this aspect. In fact, today, this type of platform allows you to quickly create professional looking websites with beautiful designs and their offer can seem very attractive due to the low costs. This is exactly why many people instinctively turn to this kind of tool to create their website. However, it is important to understand that the ease offered by these tools makes their use unsuitable for many needs.


The Exposure


The sites whose creation is made via this type of platform are often difficult to find on the Internet. Indeed, search engines like Google do not reference them well. The referencing by the search engines is done based on the quantity and quality of the contents, on the presentation of the titles of the articles which are published there, on the keywords which compose the web contents. In other words, this type of web product will not allow you to stand out on the internet and a website that cannot be found is the equivalent of not having a website at all. The visibility of a website is very important if you want this tool to help you promote your business and attract new customers.


Transactional Sites


If you have a need to have a transactional site. The creation of the latter via the platforms mentioned above is not the best idea. This type of management is not efficient with these platforms. Actions such as adding to cart, ordering and secure payments are important and sensitive. Your customers need to feel that they can do it with trust. One bad customer experience could cause you a very bad reputation.


Less Upgradeable and Customizable


Obviously, this type of platform offers many designs, but you won't be the only one using them. Customization is important for your brand image. Your website should allow you flexibility and many customization options to reflect your DNA. Sure, you can add plug-ins to open more possibilities, but they often come with a fee. With all the additions you'll have to make to get a site that only partially meets your needs, you could quickly end up with a hefty monthly bill.


If you are lost in front of the possibilities in terms of website creation, nothing beats the advice of professionals in the field. They will know how to guide you towards the best choices for your situation in order to allow you to have a website that will perfectly meet your needs and your desire to position yourself properly in your field of activity.

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