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Social Media Management

Nowadays, the use of social media is essential for businesses. The platforms allow brands to retain their customers by promoting their products and services. It is an excellent tool to position itself as a leader in its field. But to achieve this, it is important to have a clear goal. Our experts in social media management will guide and advise you in the process of developing a strategy adapted to the objectives you want to achieve.

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Social media: a big tool!

To reach a larger audience, social media is a useful tool to engage many users. Good social media management on different platforms can help you build and retain your customers in a profitable and sustainable way.

Why use social media?

There are many reasons why you should consider integrating social media management into your digital strategy. These include increasing your notoriety, gaining more traffic, increasing your customer base and improving your reputation (online reputation). Your target audience is present on the different social platforms and you should be there.

Having a presence is good, but providing relevant and original content is essential. You need to deliver a professional image with quality content, logical publishing frequency, and quick response to users. Optimize your web presence with a social strategy to demonstrate the unique and humane side of your business.

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Choosing the right media: a crucial step

In order to communicate well on social media, you have to choose the right platforms. Each network has its own benefits and it is essential to make the right choice to take full advantage of them. Our team can accompany you and guide you through this process.

There are several social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, Pinterest or Yelp ...) and they all have different functions and audiences. It is important to learn about the different characteristics of each of these media in order to effectively achieve the objectives.

For instance, the public on Facebook is younger and friendly, while on LinkedIn it is more professional and on Twitter, is more informative and dynamic. One of the biggest mistakes often seen on social media is the generic messages that do not take into consideration the platform used. This type of error has the ability to affect the reception of the message by creating a feeling of confusion and ignorance on the part of the subscriber.

Save time and energy!

When you get into the world of social media, you have to be ready to invest a lot of time. Many people will open several platforms without properly evaluating the amount of work it will imply. Depending on your budget and goals, our social media managers will work several hours each month publishing articles, photos, promotions, and other relevant content on your various social media platforms.

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What are the steps of good social media management?

Setting up a strategy Above all, our team will be responsible for establishing an effective social media strategy to reach your goals and make your investment profitable. To achieve this, we will analyze different factors such as competitors, persona, needs, etc.

This way, we will be able to set up a guideline and create the adequate content. This step will also allow us to identify the most appropriate social networks to use. It is important to determine which media you want to be on, because each channel has different features and will lead to different results.

Content creation YannickWeb.net creates quality content to reach your audience and feed your platforms’ timelines. Our social media managers are experts in the field and can create and manage customized content for each platform to engage users.

Planification We take care of planning and publishing content on social networks by analyzing the best moments. We will determine the frequency of publication by analyzing your audience in advance.


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Why trust our team for social media management?

Our team of managers specializing in the writing of advertising and marketing content knows how to adapt to every type of audience and all platforms in an efficient manner. Since 2010, this service has been gaining popularity and YannickWeb.net editors are always on the lookout for new social media trends.

Thanks to all the knowledge acquired over the past few years, our team will be able to apply a strategy tailored to your needs and your target audience. Take the leap on social media for minimal effort and most importantly, maximum results.

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