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What is a newsletter?

The newsletter is, as its name indicates, an informational email sent to customers, suppliers and partners. This communication tool allows companies to create and maintain links with their subscribers by sharing, for example, exclusive promotions or information relevant to your industry.

This is a marketing strategy to personalize your communications and thus have a positive impact on your brand and your conversion rate. Despite what one might think, many users and consumers regularly consult their email, even with the emergence of social networks.

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Our newsletters are designed for mobile platforms

Just like websites, it is important to pay close attention to the adaptability of newsletters since almost half are open on mobiles. Therefore, the display must be suitable for different types of screens: computer, mobile, tablet, etc. We create responsive newsletters to reach the largest number of users. If the newsletter is not displayed properly, your reader may be able to delete it without taking the time to read it.

Have a personalized newsletter

At YannickWeb.net, we make sure to create newsletters in the image of your company and those of your persona. The presentation of your emails is important and influences your readers. Each newsletter is designed to ensure smooth reading while creating interest among your recipients. The image of your newsletter will be designed to reflect the image of your company while having a clear structure.

In addition, we make sure to choose the right type of image and the right vocabulary while writing about topics that will appeal to your prospects. We make sure to include one or more calls to action and write texts that will captivate the attention of your recipients.

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Why have a newsletter?

Keep in touch with your customers Do not be fooled by your potential customers. Keep in touch by sending newsletters, various information about your company or by giving them exclusive offers. Newsletters allow you to send periodically relevant information to your subscribers. You will be able to remind your contacts of your existence and retain them in your company.

Announce new services and products The newsletter is a good way to promote your new products or services to your customers. Do you have a promotion? Perfect! Let your subscribers know.

Strengthen your notoriety By sharing quality information with your subscribers, you build the trust of your customers. Stand out from your competitors by establishing a direct link with your customers whether they are current or potential.


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Inform and retain your customers

Our team is responsible for creating exclusive and interesting content to build customer loyalty and increase traffic to your website. With our expertise and experience, we can help you write compelling newsletters with catchy titles that will engage your subscribers.

Expand your mailing list

Our agency can help you build a list of quality subscribers with a committed audience. Trust our team to help you get more exposure. We'll help you build an effective marketing campaign by helping you create a database.

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Charm your subscribers

A targeted email campaign is an excellent e-marketing technique that will allow you to engage your future readers. YannickWeb.net is responsible for creating newsletters with consistent graphics and quality content. Our editors will be able to write content tailored to your target audience.

Target a target audience

In order to meet the needs and expectations of your recipients and, at the same time, increase your opening rate, we will help you create a mailing list according to your target audience according to their age, place of residence and their interest in your business.

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Your newsletter strategy does not deliver the desired results? Trust us!

Our company has the expertise and knowledge to straighten your newsletter strategy to achieve the desired results. We can help you increase the open rate with quality informative articles that will engage your readers. To improve your strategy, we will analyze the data generated by sending newsletters and we will help you refine the content sent to increase the interest of your customers. YannickWeb.net makes sure to measure the performance of its newsletters in order to adapt to the target clientele and offer a better strategy as and when.

We will establish an effective strategy according to your objectives. Our team makes sure to send the newsletters at the right time, making sure to choose a catchy object to pique the curiosity of your recipients. We make sure to complete shipments by choosing the right date and the right time to ensure a good conversion. To strengthen your organization's position in the market, we are here to help you. Stand out from your competitors today with an effective newsletter sending strategy.

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