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Corporate identity

An adequate corporate identity is essential to the image of your business. Our team works with you to create the right corporate identity for your company. Beyond a simple logo, the visual identity of your organization is the base of any strategy since it is the point of reference for consumers. It is an integral part of a marketing strategy and a business plan to carve a place in your market. In this way, you can peak the interest and curiosity of your customers.

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Corporate identity: What is it?

Indispensable to each company, the corporate identity defines the key graphic elements such as the logo, colors, typography, etc. This allows an organization to be visible on different medias whether on the web (social networks, online advertising, etc.) or on its stationery (business cards, envelopes, etc.). It helps to attract attention and to distinguish itself from its competitors by building its brand image. Reflecting its services, values and objectives, the visual identity is essential. In other words, it is the graphical representation of your business.

Attract new customers with a new visual identity

Your visual identity is obsolete? No problem. We can help you modernize and refresh your image to attract new customers and target a new audience. Adopt a striking image to the public through our creative services.

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What is the impact of a corporate identity?

The visual identity of a company conveys its values and makes it possible to assert its notoriety by marking the spirit of consumers. To be recognizable and to differentiate itself from other companies, it is essential to build a solid corporate identity.

How to differentiate a good and a bad logo?

A logo must make a good impression since it mirrors the quality of the company. A good logo should not only captivate the attention, it should also inspire a feeling of trust. It must be unique and easily recognizable. It must also be available on several supports, that is to say, it must be readable in black and white and in a small size.

Therefore, since it must adapt to all sizes, it is imperative that it is in a vector format so that it never loses its resolution. Otherwise, your logo may have pixels and look cheap. In short, a good logo is durable and easily identifiable. It must also take into account the type of field it will position itself in.

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What are the stages of creating a corporate identity?

Analysis - Collection of information Before designing a logo, it is essential to understand the company by making an adequate assessment of its needs in order to design a visual identity representing the brand. For this, a study of the market and the competitors is essential. Our creative team will also look for inspiration to gather as much information as possible. We will discuss together your expectations and your organization to understand your needs.

Design - Developing Identity At this stage, our agency will transfer all previously collected data to the creation of a consistent graphical representation through our experienced graphic designer.

Application - Production of tools Once the visual identity is completed and approved, it will be time to added to different forms of papery (business cards, envelopes, letterhead, etc.) and on your digital channels (website, social media, etc.).


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What are the main elements of a corporate identity?

  1. Logo : graphic representation of a mark. Must be original, available in monochrome versions and a faithful symbol of your company. It can be a typographic logo or just a symbol.
  2. Colors : color palette representing the brand. Essential to communication, the choice of colors must be done carefully. One has to pay attention to the meanings and make sure that the selected colors have enough impact. Each color has a special meaning.
  3. Typography : fonts used in documents (print and web). These must be carefully selected. Like colors, they too must reflect the characteristics and values you want to project.
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Deal with professionals

The design of a visual identity or logo is not something that should improvised. Trust professionals to have a solid identity that matches your values and your target. At YannickWeb, we work closely with our customers to offer quality personalized services. Do not make the mistake of buying prefabricated logos.

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Why trust our agency?

You do not have a corporate identity or need to refresh your image? Our graphic design team offers you all its talent and creativity. Typically, our logo and corporate identity creation service consists of doing a thorough research on your company in order to present you with relevant proposals. Whether it's a complete creation or a redesign, we'll help you build a strong corporate identity.

We will work with you to ensure that our work reflects the corporate image you want to convey. Corporate identities include the creation of a logo, business cards, writing paper and envelopes.

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