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QUICK, EASY AND FREE ANALYSIS : Evaluate your web presence

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1. Is your business on the first page of Google when you search for your products or for your services?
1.1. Does your business show up with Yellow Pages?
1.2. Does your business have a Google MyBusiness page?
1.3. Is your business present on Yelp?
2. Does your business own a website
2.1. Is your website older than 3 years?
2.2. Is your website compatible with mobile devices (cell phones, tablets...)?
2.3. Do you have frequent updates (at least one or two times a month) on your website?
3. Does your business have an email distribution list? (newsletter)
3.1. Is it possible to sign up for the newsletter via your website?
3.2. Do you send at least one newsletter per month?
3.3. Do you have at least 250 subscribers?
4. Is your business exist on social media?
4.1. Does your business have a Facebook page?
4.2. Does your business have a Twitter profile?
4.3. Is your business on Linkedin?
4.4. Is your business present on other social medias?
5. Does your business use paid visibility on the web such as Adwords, Facebook ads..?
5.1. Does your business show up with Google Adwords?
5.2. Does your business show up with Facebook ads?

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