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When is the right time to work on your website?

Published on Tuesday 2 November 2021

After working with your website, you have noticed that several improvements are necessary. In fact, in the world of the Web, you must constantly optimize your tools to avoid being relegated to the background in terms of referencing. However, one question keeps coming to mind: when is the best time to work on your website? The following blog post will try to answer this question while giving you some tips on what you can do to improve your site to better reach your current and future customers.

The best time to optimize your website

All companies experience low points in the year. It can be during the summer season or in the fall, depending on your business. To know when the ideal time is to work on your website you must identify the moment your season ends or the weeks where there is a lull before the return to full activity. This is the best time to adjust your website, so you are ready for the return of your activities. In addition, the problems experienced during your high season are still fresh in your mind and you will be able to optimize your website with these specific aspects in mind.

What to improve?

During your busy season, you may have noticed that your customers are frequently asking you the same questions. For example, if your clients regularly ask you about your services, it may be that they are not well promoted on your website. Do your customers often look for your address or phone number? Maybe your "contact us" section is hard to find on your website. If questions keep coming up, it's probably because the information isn't easily found online. It may be a matter of poor website architecture, or it may be related to poor SEO. Your customers' questions are a good starting point to know what you need to work on in terms of website optimization.

Put yourself in the position of your customers

You can also check your user experience by putting yourself in the shoes of a typical customer looking for a service or product. Check if your website comes up first in search engines, if you can easily find your contact information, if the services are well explained. Do not hesitate to repeat the exercise on various platforms (computer, cell phone, tablet). Your site may be suitable for reading on your computer screen, but it may not be suitable for mobile consultation. Also pay attention to the loading time of your pages, is it too long? Also check that all your hyperlinks work and that they land on the right pages.

You can easily feel lost when it comes to improving your site. Don't hesitate to contact professionals who are constantly on the lookout for new website developments, SEO and optimized content. You'll be glad you improved your website and can start your new season strong.

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