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The difference between Adwords results done by yourself or by an agency

Published on Friday 20 August 2021

The web has become much more democratic over the years. It is easier than ever to set up your own website and manage it...at least in appearance. You will certainly be able to access basic functions by yourself and manage your Adwords campaign for example, but in what condition and obtaining what result? You should also ask yourself if you have the time to invest in it. Before launching into the self-management of your website or your Adwords campaign, it is important to weigh the pros and cons. The following blog post will focus on what makes the results of your Adwords campaigns different if they are managed by you or by professionals.

What is Google Adwords

Google Ads is an advertising platform that is very well known among businesses, as it allows you to display advertisements on the first page of Google. With a network of more than two million websites and a reach that includes 90% of consumers (digitalthirdcoast), it is impossible to neglect this platform when it comes to advertising. In fact, 80% of all businesses focus on Google Ads to showcase their products and activities (WebFX 2020). While it may seem very simple, there is a whole bidding process behind the platform and proper campaign planning can increase awareness by 80% (WebFX, 2019). For example, an ad might not appear if the price paid is not high enough. Indeed, even if the basic interface is designed to be managed by novices, the advanced settings, filtering or targeting options are all things that make the real performance of an ad campaign with Adwords.

Regular changes

Like everything else on the web, the Google Adwords platform regularly changes the interface, the layout of certain options, several new features are added. It is therefore necessary to be constantly aware of these changes to ensure that the functions are used in an optimal way. It is indeed necessary to invest a lot of time to manage a campaign, but also to follow all the novelties and the changes brought by the platform.

An Adwords campaign is not only about Adwords

Indeed, an Adwords campaign must be part of a global and complete marketing strategy. It is necessary to integrate notions of matching and targeting (and retargeting) between your campaign, your ad groups and your keywords according to your website, your landing page and your real commercial target. Customers are 70% more likely to buy a product when a company uses retargeting (Tech Jury 2020) it is imperative to integrate the notion of performance and results analysis to ensure effective management of your advertising campaign. Without it, you'll never be able to identify what's working (or not working) so you can make the necessary adjustments. Also, if your ads are not targeted properly, you will spend your money without getting the results you want.

The new paradigms related to the world of online advertising and brand recognition therefore require constant presence and adjustments in near real time. Companies need to stand out on the web by distinguishing themselves in the fray. In order to stand out in the search engine results, it is essential to adjust the technical and editorial characteristics of one's website to ensure a good natural referencing, but this is not enough to make your way to the top of the search engines. A good Google Adwords campaign, well thought out, must also be put in place.

Indeed, unlike natural referencing (SEO), paid referencing (SEA) requires, in addition to a financial investment, a real know-how in web marketing. The choice of relevant keywords and customer segmentation are essential to the success of your campaign.

Don't hesitate to entrust your Adwords campaign to professionals, it's the most efficient way to ensure that the money spent on advertising will reach your targets.

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