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How to prepare for a first meeting with a web agency

Published on Thursday 12 May 2022

You have made the decision to do business with a web agency. It's a good strategy because navigating this fast-paced world can easily be dizzying especially since your time is arguably better invested in running your business. You might still wonder how you can prepare for a first meeting with the web agency of your choice. The following article will try to orient you in this world which can seem confusing at first glance by allowing you to approach your meeting with your future digital service provider more calmly.

Provide information about your business

The web agency needs to fully grasp the DNA of your company. You will therefore have to talk about its history, its mission, your entrepreneurial values, your target customers, your short, medium and long-term objectives. All this information will help your web agency to more accurately define an effective communication plan.

Define your web project and make an inventory

What are you looking to do with your online presence, reach new customers, sustain those you have? It can also be to deploy new online services or improve your digital positioning. The more your objectives are detailed, the more coherent the web strategy that will be proposed to you will be. You can also take the time to discuss with the web agency the web assets that your company owns. Do you have a website, a blog, a presence on social networks? All information will be useful to improve the collaboration between you and your web agency. Do not hesitate to inform them of the digital marketing actions you have already carried out and their results (positive or negative).

Know your customers

It is suggested that you build a persona, a fictitious character representative of your target clientele. To do this you can ask yourself a few simple questions like who is your typical customer? What is his profile? Where does he live and how old is he? What are his habits and interests? By using the data and information that you will share with your web agency, the latter will be able to carry out a more extensive study of your market in order to provide you with data that you can use in your business.

Set your budget and timeline

These are important points; you must define a budget beforehand. Define a budget range that will allow your web agency to identify which resource used and how to assign them. Wanting to save at all costs may not be the best idea. Remember that an effective web presence will allow you to develop your clientele and possibly increase your turnover. So, it's more of an investment. Also, don't neglect to set a timeline so that you're on the same page as your service provider when it comes to deadlines.

You are now ready to optimize the meeting with your agency! Do not hesitate to express your needs, your expectations, and to provide examples that inspire you and that will serve to support your interventions.

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