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Air-Pure Outaouais

Their situation before YannickWeb.net

Air-Pure Outaouais specializes in the complete cleaning of air ducts, ventilation, air exchanger, heat pumps, dryer ducts, kitchen hoods, etc. The company specializes in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors, including post-disaster cleaning.

Following the creation of the company in May 2014, Air-Pure Outaouais had to build a solid reputation in order to carve out a place among its competitors, who had already been visible on the web for several years. This is why Mr. Séguin decided to contact different web agencies to compare rates services offered and results in order to choose the one offering the best value and service. YannickWeb.net was given the mandate to bring the company among the first Google results, as soon as possible.

YannickWeb.net, coming to the rescue!

To meet Mr. Séguin’s needs, we recommended an ad page targeting keywords specific to the services offered. Thanks to quality content and an effective design that reflected the activities and identity of the company, Air-Pure Outaouais appeared on the first page of Google within a few weeks.

The company now receives several calls and emails for service each week.


I recommend Yannickweb.net for their speed and efficiency. They are also very attentive to the needs of their clients

Sylvain Séguin - President

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The results

  • First page of Google results within a few weeks
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«I recommend Yannickweb.net for their speed and efficiency. They are also very attentive to the needs of their clients»

- Sylvain Séguin, Air-Pure Outaouais

«Within a year, our revenues have increased by 30%.»

- Aurélie Simard, Alarme SL

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- Éric Larivière, Chapiteau Summum

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- Sylvain Desrochers, Électro Sylvain Desrochers

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«I recommend YannickWeb.net for the service. There is a personalized bond that is formed between the team and the clientele. Products and modifications are done efficiently and quickly»

- Claude Mercier, SOS Bestioles

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