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Ready to join Canadian leadersin effective and affordable web marketing for SMEs?


We are looking for self-driven entrepreneurs who want to help businesses profit from the Internet.

Are you an entrepreneur at heart? Are you an advertising consultant who feels limited by his present or past job? Are you organized and disciplined? Are you determined to build a revenue stream that is recurrent?

We want to talk to you! We are looking for individuals who dream of having full autonomy of their time and most importantly, dream of opportunities for developing their own business. Men and women from all regions of Canada.

People who are self-motivated and ready to sell services that are increasingly essential to all businesses today. An effective, profitable and affordable web presence.

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A Word From The Founder - Yannick Therrien

"I have designed our service offer and business model to benefit not only our clients, but representatives like me. Determined people who have ambition and hate ceilings"

Whether you have experience as a sales rep for a new media marketing agency, a traditional advertising agency or Bell Media, The Yellow Pages Group, Cogeco or Quebecor (just to name a few), your principal role remains the same.

Sell advertising services to a client who needs it. The difference is that with us, you are the boss. You determine which industry you want to target. Which territory you want to develop, how many hours you want to work and most importantly, how much income you want..

If you work (or have already worked) for a company whose services no longer meet the needs of your customers, consider joining the team.


Why choose has become important enough to serve large businesses. And remained small enough to offer a personalized service.

Imagine being able to work from home by managing your schedule, appointments and trips. While being supported by an experienced team fundamentally focused on service. Click here to read testimonials from our clients.

What we offer you is to join a team that has over 5,000 web projects of all kinds and hundreds of satisfied customers across the country.

Founded in 1999, has made every effort to have a complete but simple web service offer. We have identified early on that SMEs want first and foremost an effective, affordable and profitable web presence.

This motivated our team to develop products and services for all budgets. Making web marketing opportunities accessible to all!


Our products and services

Our business model has been developed to benefit all parties involved. Our customers, our representatives and Unlike the original model of web agencies that required a considerable investment for a website, we have developed a model that allows to pay a more reasonable amount at the beginning of the project, followed by monthly payments. This eases the financial burden for SMEs while allocating more aggressive strategies for larger businesses.

This eases the financial burden for SMEs while allocating more aggressive strategies for larger businesses. This payment method for our services also ensures that the authorized representative receives his commissions as long as his client remains with Making your income exponential. You get a commission at the signing of the contract AND on the anniversary of the said contract.

Most popular services:

  • Logo and corporate ID/brand
  • Organic Google Search Visibility (SEO)
  • Website Creation
  • Newsletter
  • Market Growth through Google organic results
  • Social Media
  • Ad Words

Steps to follow

#1- Tell us about you!

You had the opportunity to do your research and read about us but we know too little about you. Take a few minutes to tell us about yourself so we get an idea of the potential for a partnership between us. All your information will be kept strictly confidential and used only in the case we retain your application.

#2- Application Form

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