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Sales is the worse job in the world for lazy people. And the most lucrative there is for hard workers

The ideal candidate for this position is someone who already has sales experience or undeniable persuasive skills.

Someone who wants to make more money than his or her current situation allows and who wants to be 100% in control of his schedule and his objectives.

This person understands the benefits and responsibilities that come with such autonomy. The ideal person has a family situation that will allow to meet their immediate needs for the first weeks of training and initiation. The candidate understands that his or her income is directly related to their performance. It also has a relatively new model car and a work office at home that is conducive to productivity.

This person is self-motivated and self-driven though surrounded on a daily basis by our support and administration team.

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A Word From The Founder - Yannick Therrien

"I am not a programmer. I’m just a guy who saw a great opportunity!"

I come from a time when the Internet did not exist. My background is in media, marketing and the hospitality industry. Yet I was literally bewitched by the possibilities offered by the Internet since the mid-90s.

It was not easy. But I persevered. Knowing very well that the future belonged to the Web. I had to learn as I went and at a time when it was a lot more complicated and much less user-friendly. Today I have built a business that focuses on simple and affordable but highly effective services.

I understood that the main objective of being on the Internet, was not to have something "cool" but something profitable. Keeping our formula simple, it is easy to understand and explain.


Why choose

We are pioneers in an industry that is becoming more and more essential to all forms of commerce in the 21st century.

Imagine being able to start your own business, become your own boss with zero investment and zero inventory or franchise fees to pay. That's what we offer at In a nutshell, Yannick Therrien, president and founder of the company, created the opportunity that he himself would have dreamed of having.

Become a representative for an innovative and recognized web agency, while having the latitude of industries to approach, territories to develop, income potential and hours to work. Most important is your determination and willingness to succeed. Everything else you can and will learn.

If you are organized, disciplined and was just waiting for a golden opportunity, here it is! Unlike other areas of sales, the web touches all industries. From health professionals to construction professionals. From the hospitality industry to plastic surgery. If a person, a company or an organization has any interest in being found on the web, we/you can help them.

We are looking for people who have a great personality and are willing to dedicate themselves 100% to help businesses profit from the Internet. If you believe you are this person, click here now!


Our products and services

Our business model has been developed to benefit all parties involved. Our customers, our representatives and Unlike the original model of web agencies that required a considerable investment for a website, we have developed a model that allows to pay a more reasonable amount at the beginning of the project, followed by monthly payments. This eases the financial burden for SMEs while allocating more aggressive strategies for larger businesses.

This eases the financial burden for SMEs while allocating more aggressive strategies for larger businesses. This payment method for our services also ensures that the authorized representative receives his commissions as long as his client remains with Making your income exponential. You get a commission at the signing of the contract AND on the anniversary of the said contract.

Most popular services:

  • Logo and corporate ID/brand
  • Organic Google Search Visibility (SEO)
  • Website Creation
  • Newsletter
  • Market Growth through Google organic results
  • Social Media
  • Ad Words

Steps to follow

#1- Tell us about you!

You had the opportunity to do your research and read about us but we know too little about you. Take a few minutes to tell us about yourself so we get an idea of the potential for a partnership between us. All your information will be kept strictly confidential and used only in the case we retain your application.

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